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Villa d'Este Style 2019

One Lake, one Car

For an owner of one of the rare and elegant last series of Touring Alfa 6C 2500 SS, one of the additional benefits is being invited to the annual gathering of the surviving examples of this model at the Villa d' Este Hotel, which is located at what must be one of the most beautiful spots in northern Italy, directly at Lake Como.

We were there for the second time and ready to enjoy a day in these magnificent surroundings. The meeting is usually relatively small, with only about 20 cars still in existence and some of them being on other continents or still undergoing restoration. It is therefore especially remarkable that the Hotel got a total seven Villa d'Estes together, some of them from Italy, but also one presented by its American owner. And for all of us to look upon as an ideal example as far as originality is concerned, Ermanno Keller had brought #915884 along, just like all the years before.

This year, we didn' t come empty-handed, but had two sets of our reproduction hubcaps with us to complete the Hotel's own car and one of the other participants.

Apart from the Alfa 6Cs, there was also Corrado Lopresto´s extraordinary Isotta Fraschini, also styled by Carozzeria Touring. Just look at the period correct paint on this car and you see that the Italians are far ahead if it comes to taste and style. The origins of the Superleggera design could be studied by admiring Francesco Bonfanti´s 1938 6C 2300 MM, which looked great from every angle.

The afternoon is usually completed by a line-up at the little harbour in the centre of Cernobbio with an additional gathering of the local Alfa Romeo Club. This year, we got a little wet, but nevertheless it was a great day at a great place. No wonder that the Villa d´Este Hotel is one-if not the- most outstanding Hotels in Europe.

Thanks to Marco Makaus for the invitation and looking forward to next year´s meeting.

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