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One Lake one Car at Villa d' Este 2020

Oh, what a day! After the seemingly endless Corona lockdown it was a true relief and a welcome breath of fresh air to be invited to Lake Como again. The region of Lombardy, where the Villa d'Este Hotel is located, was hit especially hard by the disease, so this very first event after the lockdown was a bit of a relief for everybody involved. To give a positive sign to the battered region, this year's event was also open to other interesting 6Cs, and not only Villa d' Estes, and so we came with our usual #915900 plus a Pinin Farina Convertible, #915727 to support the event.

It was a beautiful day and with so many exceptional Alfa 6Cs. A magnificent early, white PF Convertible, a fantastic Fraccia d'Oro with sun roof, an inbetween 6C Touring Aerlux, between early and later design and many more. The whole thing is developing very positively and it is a joy to be invited. This year, sadly the public was excluded due to Corona regulations, but if you are in the area next year, take the chance to stop and join.

P.S. There is a very professional publification by an exceptionally talented and kind photographer, Andrea Klainguti, on

Here is the link, if you like:


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