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"Leader of the Pack" 1971 Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Veloce Restoration

This 1750 Bertone is one of a series of similar cars which are currently being completely restored in our workshops. These cars will be heavily modified concerning the technical and structural aspects, whilst keeping a relatively standard look.

The bodywork will be lightened and strenthened to get to a final curb weight of approx. 840 kg. This requires different sill panels, aluminium doors and hoods and reinforcements for the drilled axles. The technical upgrades will be achieved by utilising a large quantity of Formula GT parts, which also includes the fitting of one of their strongest engines, producing well over 200 HP.

238, to be precise....


Painted inside out. Wings riveted to the body, with rivets NOT painted over, as it should be...


Finally.....Giallo Ocra, period correct paint material.


The bodyshell has been finished in August and primer coated three times, leaving enough time in between to let the layers thoroughly dry, so that no shrinking of the final paint will occur. We have spent many hours on the detailing of the engine bay to give it a smooth look. The body will now receive its final coating in giallo ocra next week. I guess it will look gorgeous.


Aluminium doorskins. Since this one will be a wide body version, the hood and wings have to be carbon/plastic to meet the homologation requirements.







New floors going in. Cross members punched and lightened.

28.03.23 Front transverse bar


Reinforcement plates for front axles. Sill repair. Punching holes to stiffen and lighten the substructure

15.03.23 Reinforcements welded in. Floors and sills cut out


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