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Kicking off the restoration of our 1939 Fiat 508 Berlinetta Aerodinamica

  • Original MM entrant

  • Significant piece of Fiat history

  • One of two known survivors out of 14-20 cars produced

  • Spectacular aerodynamic shape

According to the MM Museum, this very chassis number #236632 is listed as an original entrant to the historic Mille Miglia in both 1940 and 1947 and is therefore a guarenteed entry for the MM retro. It also took part in at least two recent Mille Miglias (apart from numerous other events) in 2013 1nd 2014. Unfortunately. during the MM 2014, it got pushed against a guide rail by a Mercedes service car and suffered front and rear damage. Since then, it had been stored away and never really got restored due to other projects. We have now taken on the restoration and will bring this significant car back to its exact shape. While doing so, we will also correct the modification which had been carried out to the front end decades ago.

This car is positively registered with the MM Museum, the Austrian "Veteranenverband" and also the FIVA.

Since our Alfa 6C 2300 MM is nearing completion, we can now start the restoration of the Fiat. The goal is to preserve as much as possible of the original substance, while correcting some earlier, bodged repairs.


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