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Classic Gala Schwetzingen 2022

This year's Concours at Schloß Schwetzingen really was a step forward compared to the last edition, which was still very much under the impact of the pandemic. I cannot tell the official numbers, but I felt that the amount of visitors had increased about threefold. As usual, we had a small hospitality tent, serving drinks and some Italian and French specialities, which was really crowded this year. I was able to meet old friends, but also to make an number of new and interesting contacts. The weather was great, apart from

We had brought three cars along, an Alfa 6C 2500 SS Villa d' Este, a 6C 2500 SS Pinin Farina Convertible and our Frazer Nash Le Mans Coupe. One of our long-standing customers joined in with a Maserati Sebring one-off with a special front end design, and- since we shared our tent this year with the Talbot-Lago register- a Talbot-Lago T14.

The result of our display was a total of 6 trophies for four of them, three of which won their class (Villa d' Este, Sebring and Talbot-Lago). The Frazer Nash, the Sebring and the Talbot-Lago were also awarded second place in other, overlapping categories. all in all, not a bad result.

Here are some impressions from the weekend:


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