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Alfa Giulietta 750 Spider Restoration

Since the bodywork on our Giulietta Spider Veloce is finished, we can now prepare for the Giulietta "normale" to follow up. The shell is now away for sandblasting and will be back soon. The progress will be documented in this blog. The progress on the other two Giuliettas can be seen constantly updated in the referring offerings in the for sale section.



The shell is back from sandblasting and, as always, the body turned out to be a bit worse than expected. A number of bodged repairs will have to be corrected and the internal structure of the sills is also weak. This means that even though this car appeared to be a lot better than our previous Veloce, we will still end up with the typical, complete programme...


We are correcting some good looking but unprofessional repairs from former, unknown workshops. Opening up hidden sections and renewing internal structures. Anyway, we are making fast progress, even though it is much more work than expected. I have decided to open up everything and do it properly, even if the financial aspect might be tight or disappointing in the end.

08.06.22 Rust, thin panels and bodged repairs in hidden sections

17.06.22 Working on the floor section, adjusting of the nose trim, headlights etc.

June 27

August 1st

Bodywork is finished and the car is now being prepared for painting in "blu celeste"

August 8

"Premontaggio"in progress, to make sure everything fits perfectly after painting

August 19

Second layer of primer

September 2

Preparing engine bay and interior

September 6

Car has been painted from the outside. The inside will be painted in three days when the outside is dry and safe to touch, and then the shell will return to our workshop to be completed. The blue celeste appears to have a brown hue on the pictures, but this is an effect of the neon lights.

And with a little more sunlight...

September 13

Inside of body shell also finished. Car will return to our workshop next week.

September 27

November 11

November 21

November 23

December 7

Moving on with the wiring loom and external trim. Overhauling wiper motors and wiper mechanisms, starters, and other small components for both our Giuliettas.

December 12

December 13

December 20

January 18

January 30

February 22

More progress

Making new seats from scratch...



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