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1968 Alfa Romeo "Scalino" Restoration

In this blog, the complete restoration of our 1968 1600 Giulia GT Scalino will be constantly updated. The updates are in reverse order, so that the latest developments are listed on top of the page.

May 30

Interior, trim, badges, etc.


New headlining

May 9

April 27

April 21

April 5

Fitting the first trim pieces

April 4

Doors fitted, front axle and brakes

March 24

Car has been painted inside and out and is ready to be assembled

February 22

Final coat of primer applied. Car is now ready for painting in its original colour Bianco Spina

Januar 30

January 18

Body in epoxy-primer

Gearbox and engine taken apart

January 5

Stripping the engine while the bodywork is being prepared for painting

January 2nd

Checking panel alignment bit rubber seals and trim fitted on the unpainted car

December 28

Bodywork finished. Rust protection and paint applied from underneath

December 12

Adjusting bumpers, scudo, indicators

December 7

Nose section

November 28

November 24

November 21

New front, sills, rear valance. Replacing the rear spring support on one half-axle.