• Alfred Bauer

1961 Maserati Vignale Restoration

One out of two produced in the very special colour combination of Verde Aqua with interior in Marrone, or chestnut. This car has been sold to a new client. Guess he made no mistake in buying it, but see for yourself. The pictures are in reverse order, so that you can see the latest progress o top of the page.

October 4. Water- and Oil radiator overhauled. Many parts back from painting and overhaul. Car being assembled. Feels good to have competent people around...Just see for yourself...

September 15

New wiring loom being installed

September 1st

Car is back from paintshop. Original Verde Acqua with a matte portion, to make it look like old paint after polishing.

August 15

Car was finished in a kind of verde bosco, dar green, according to the taste of the previous owner. We have decided to go back to the original paint sceme of verde acqua with marrone

As found in South Africa.