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Classic Gala Schwetzingen 2023

Gaining importance every year, Schwetzingen is rapidly developing.

After the pandemic, the Schwetzingen concours has developed rapidly and has surpassed its former standing. We have been regular exhibitors with a small hospitality tent, but this year clearly exceeded our expectations. We had such a huge number of friendly and interesting people in our tent that it was really a joy. We had also brought a number of car with us, some of them competing in the concours, like a Lamborghini 400 GT, an Alfa 6C 2500 SS and a Lagonda M45 Tourer. But we also brought some weird cars just to puzzle bypassers. Our own Tojeiro Climax and our Emeryson F1. It was fun to get in contact with people who didn't even know the brand and couldn't make head or tail of it. Some of these quizzes lead to vers good conversations. We shared the tent with our friends from the Talbot Lago Registry, so we also had a very nice T14 on display which eventually made it among the best of show.

As usual, we also won some trophies, but his is not the main thing. More importantly, Schwetzingen is really developing in an excelent way. The beautiful surroundings in the historic baroque garden, the friendliness of the whole atmosphere, the quality of the cars on display and also the enthusiasm of the organising team is unique. And with Dyck Castle being sadly missed, Schwetzingen is the only high-class concours left in Germany.

We would like to help develop this event further. Next year, we will turn up with a larger display of interesting cars. If you own a significant car and would like to take part, please give us a call. Maybe we could do something together.


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