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1963 Alfa Romeo Touring Spider

It appears that the 2600 Spider is a better version of the Maserati Vignale Spider. It might have a little less output, but the engine revs more freely, the gearbox shifts more smoothly, the handling is a lot better and the Alfa Romeo weighs over 200kg less than the Maserati.

Since the Alfa 2600 had a market value over the past decades which hardly justified a comprehensive restoration, it is extremely difficult to find a proper example. A really thorough restoration without any shortcuts might easily cost 180 to 230 T€ plus the donor car. So how comes that there are so many cars on the market for about 145 T€? You guess it, they are more like a granny with rubber boobs.

Our 2600 Spider has been the subject of a comprehensive restoration over the last year. The body structure of 2600s is extremely complex and great effort has been taken to perfectly restore all the internal structures. We have taken hundreds of pictures during the process. If you would like to see the restoration in detail, please look up the car and its progress in our news section.

 Currently, the body is being prepared for painting in a very elegant shade of dark bronze. We think this will combine very well with a warm, tan leather.

Most of the mechanical componets, axles, gearbox, gauges etc. are finished and are waiting to be reunited with the finished shell. The car will be finished, tested and ready to go for the next season.

Engine and gearbox have been prepared by a German Alfa specialist who is racing himself. We have opted for a slight upgrade with a different cam, higher compression and an invisible, but different carb set up, which should give us about 185 HP, effectively, instead of the original 145.

The car has been converted to a disk all-round braking system. Upholstery will be in genuine Maserati quality Italian leather, not the rubber-like stuff used on many others.

The finished and thoroughly restored car will be on offer for 220 T€. Due to their complex structure, 2600s are hardly ever done properly. Have a closer look at the majority of cars being offered and judge for yourself. This one here will be a very positive exception.

We expect the price levels of 2600 Spiders to be rising very soon. They are rare, complex, but effectively the better car compared to a Maserati for a third of the price. We are very sure you cannot do it any cheaper yourself.

Asking 189.000,- €

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