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Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Tipo 256 Project

We had started a Tipo 256 Corsa project a while ago, but now the client we did it for has to pass the project on due to declining health.

The initial plan was to recreate a 1939 Tipo 256 “Siluro”. None of the original cars has survived and there are only relatively crude recreations out there. The original design of these beautiful cars is very difficult to replicate, since there is almost no trim and if you do not get the flowing lines absolutely right, the overall shape loses a lot of its elegance.

The current state of the project is as follows:

Choice of either an original 1948 SS Chassis or a really perfect recreation of a Siluro chassis.

(no x-crossmember, saves about 60kg)

Front and rear axle are already finished. Rare rear axle with correct smooth diff housing, but 9xxx number range. New crownwheel and pinion with slightly longer ratio.  Front axle with new needle bearings and seats, period correct tie rod ends.

Everything is there to complete the rolling chassis. Steering with long column, stick shift gearbox, pedals, large fuel tank etc. Gauges have been sent away for overhaul.

The engine has already been overhauled with new white metal bearings, new conrods, pistons etc. Following the wishes of the present owner, we have used a 1948 SS engine with a block with reinforcement ribs, which is sturdier that the original design with the large water covers. If desired, we could alternatively also overhaul an incredibly rare, correct Tipo 256 block, which we are having in stock.

The bodywork will be handmade by Bernhard Fleischhacker/Graz after 3D-modelling at the TU Graz, so you can expect it to be absolutely accurate.

The final price of the finished car will be approx. 550 T€, and we are now about half way through. The car can be finished and tested for the beginning of the 2024 season.

Since there are many details to be discussed, I would like to ask you to get in contact if you are interested. There are some variables which might influence the final price, but this should be discussed in person.

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