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The only road legal, alloy bodied Merlyn Mk IV T

  • Genuine, historic Goodwood participant in 1964

  • Out of long term ownership. 

  • Full list of owners. Continuous racing history

  • Current FIA papers, and exempt ones through many decades

  • The only remaining aluminium bodied Merlyn Mk IV

  • Potentially road legal after minor corrections!

The Merlyn Mk IV was a competitor fot the Lotus 23 in its heyday during the 60ies. Its very low weight, just short of 500 kg and the powerful, original twin cam engine are a very impressive combination.

The example offered her is even better. Out of presumably 26 examples built, it is one out of 2-3 road-going Mk 4 Ts, and most probably the only one left. Furthermore, it is the only one bodied in aluminium rather than glass fibre (GRP). It has been an original contestant at Goodwood in 1964, and it is therefore an almost guaranteed starter today. It features the "large valve" Ford-Lotos Twin Cam engine, displacing about 1600 ccm, giving about 170 bhp according to a recent dyno sheet.

Now to practical aspects. I think one benefit of this very car is its dual purpose, both on the race track, and on the road. I am almost 1.92 m tall, and I can sit quite well in this tiny car. I could drive it, but not really in a comfortable position. I am meantioning this, because in most cars of that kind, there would be no way for anybody measuring more than 1.75 m to get into an acceptable position. So, if you measure below 1.85 m, there is no problem at all. There is now a fuel tank fitted on the passenger side. If you wish, we could move that into the sills and thereby enable the fitting of a passenger seat. I guess that 480 kg and 170 HP might be a good combination for events like the Gran Premio Nuvolari and the like.

I therefore think that this is one of the cheapest entries to both serious racing or Italian events. Where else could you get a Barchetta style car with Goodwood history which is equally suitable for all kind of road events?

The history file is too large to list. Just ask or visit us after short notice.

Asking 105.000,- €

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