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1947 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 SS Barchetta

Chassis number 915543, engine SS 923635 (matching)

VIN 915543 started life as a short-chassis, super sports Touring Berlinetta, delivered to Rome on the 07.07.1947. The first owner had a Spanish or South American name (Salvador Heredia). It is therefore not clear whether the car was registered in Rome at all or taken straight to South America. Chassis 915543 is in the middle of a group of 5 cars which were all exported to Peru, Argentina or South Africa, so it is quite likely that it went directly abroad.
Anyway, the car later found its way to Peru where it was restored at some point before the 90ies, unfortunately in a fashion which was common in these years, with some modifications, "upgrades" and the loss of some details. Pictures in a Christie’s auction catalogue dated May 1990 show the Coupe with modifications like a full width, rearward opening bonnet, external boot lid straps, outside filler cap and a very shiny engine bay. Also externally some details were missing, like the bumpers and other front trim. It is notable though, that the auction catalogue mentions that the car was always equipped with a floor shift gearbox, which it still carries today and which is also quite common on these very early chassis numbers.

The car did the Mille Miglia in 1990 with the Peruvian Team Schemke/Girelli and was then sold to France in 1993 over BB One Exports/Los Angeles.
Possibly due to the mentioned modifications and some missing trim parts, or probably due to the complexity of the Superleggera bodywork, the French owner gave up in the course of the second restoration and sold the project on to Italy in 2000.

Shortly prior to the purchase of 915543, the new Italian owner had the rare opportunity to get his hands on a one-off, original Corsa-body which had been sitting in the garden of the Ex-Touring advocat Eric Maggiar since the 60ies and which was subject to fascination and also many speculations in Dutch Club magazines in the 90ies. It was pictured and discussed both in the Touring Superleggera Registro Internazionale Newsletter in 1993 and in "Het Klaverblaadje" (see pictures at the end of the photo slideshow). The bodywork bore a strong resemblance to a similar design, executed by Alfa themselves in 1941 on an 8C 2900 chassis (VIN 412043), and dubbed "The Wale". This car has survived and can now be seen in the Louwman Museum. 

Instead of restoring the heavily modified and incomplete Touring Berlinetta bodywork, it was decided to take the opportunity and fit and restore this unique Corsa bodywork to the otherwise matching numbers rolling chassis. 

What we have today is therefore an original, matching numbers SS rolling chassis, fitted with a restored, original Corsa body. Both parts are genuine, but initially didn't belong together. Neither has been shortened or substantially modified. The restoration was finished in 2011.

With none of the original 6C Siluros still extant, I think this is as close as you can get to a genuine 6C 2500 SS Corsa. Weighing only 1050kg, this 6C is a totally different driving experience compared to its way heavier siblings. Since restoration, it has done numerous Italian events like Bassano, GP Nuvolari and such and is a welcome entrant to any such events. We have been servicing this car since it came to Germany in 2011 and therefore know it quite intimately.

We would also consider a possible swap plus/minus cash either way against some high class, open Italian classic (50ies, 60ies) that also fits a taller driver (i.e Ferrari 330 GTS or the like).


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