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Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 „Monza“ #2211099

This beautiful 8C 2300 was sold by myself some 13 years ago to its present owner and we have been servicing it in our workshop for the bigger part of these years.

When we bought it, it was a nice recreation using both NOS and repro parts. We have then taken great efforts and spent way over 100.000,- € to put a number of things right, like remanufacturing the progressive leaf springs, a cloth covered wiring loom with correct fuse boxes, fuel pump, ignition coil, pedals, and headlights.

Many mechanical aspects have been improved, like the steering box, gearbox, multi-disc clutch and many more.

Externally, the somewhat simple cycle wings were replaced by full, sloping wings and running boards with tool boxes, like on the beautiful “Nasturzio” Monza, #2211029, which has sadly disappeared.

This 8C Monza comes with an old Italian title dating from 1938 and a German Fahrzeugbrief, showing a first registration in 1933. It has been a welcome guest at many a classic car event, from multiple Leggenda a Bassano over GP Nuvolari, Three Castles and many more.

Due to health problems of the owner, we now have to look for a new custodian for this seriously fast car. With Monza prices starting north of 10 Mio, this might be a way to get as close as possible to an absolute original for a fraction of the cost, with a proper registration and improved mechanics. Once you get into the details of these cars, you will appreciate the differences between this one and most others. Just contact me and I will be happy to show and discuss the details.

Asking 480 T€

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