1937 BMW 328/329 Roadster

Beautiful BMW 328 Roadster. Restored by German specialists over five years from 2008-2013, using a BMW 329 chassis. 

The quality of this restoration is absolutely outstanding.  The restoration was carried out by classic BMW parts dealer Frederic Friedrichs, who has access to a huge quantity of original, preserved parts. Apart from the (identical) 329 chassis as a starting point, the components are therefore all original and in most cases new old stock.

The paintwork in original green-grey (No 322) has been flattened down in dozens of hours to resemble cellulose paint. This car is not to be mixed up with the usual, less than perfect repros. This car was even exhibited on the BMW stand, since they could not find another 328 which was as perfect in its details and under the hood.

The car is registered in Germany as a 328 Roadster under its correct chassis number 86325, first registration 1.07.1938.

Get yourself a multiple award-winning, perfect and indistinguishable 328 Roadster for half the money.

Asking 350.000,- €