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1935 Lagonda M45 Tourer. Comprehensively overhauled and upgraded by HCServices in Antwerp a few years ago and freshly serviced during the last weeks.

In contrary to most cars on the market, this is not a chopped saloon, but was delivered as an original T7 Tourer when new. If you know a thing or two about Lagondas, you will quickly notice that this is probably one of the most original cars left. Even the adjustable friction damper mechanism is there and working.

New steel crankshaft giving close to 5 Litres and near 200 HP. All new gears with dog-syncro in original casing. This means you can shift without using the clutch just by lifting the throttle. Sadly, the owner died shortly after investing almost 80k in the car, leaving it unused for the past four years.

If you want a bullet proof, fast, reliable and masculine pre-war car, then this could be it. 

We will show this car on the stand of HC Services at the Prewardays in Kortrijk, Dec 1-3.


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